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Project Description

It starts July 2016 when I met

Mrs Amel Djait

Mrs Djait has a very special and original experience called 1000 Tunis & Tunis, which is an online and printed magazine that talks about Tunis, she believed that in Tunisia there are always 1000 things & thing, 1000 hotels & hotel, 1001 destinations, 1001 shops … etc

In 2010 she built a website and she kept posting her articles and time line for 2 years, to end up with more than 3000 original well written articles that describe all corners in Tunisia.

In 2012 she stopped posting or updating the website, but she left the website running with all those valuable and amazing content.

“Well Mr Sharkas, I need to develop my project, let’s see what can you do to get the maximum out of 1001Tunis” Amel said.

The Challenge

For me it was so exciting, with this amount of original and well written content, Mrs. Amel needs my experience in creating a beautiful and well organized digital presence
4000+ articles
describing each corner in Tunisia
in French!
with old-style and none suitable presentation

An Action Plan


Filtering and re-categorizing the whole content, this will help us to decide what is the best solution and choose the right strategies.


Building a strong digital presence in most related social networks and online directories.


Choosing the suitable platforms to re-present the whole idea, this will let’s us get the maximum out of the content


Localizing all created digital presence to English, communicating new audiences and make bigger exposure


Creating the new platforms and fill them with corresponding re-categorized content,each platform will contain its own customized content


Starting an online marketing strategy for each platform,reach the right segment and grow audiences.

“Well, let us see what
Tunisian & Egyptian can do

– Amel siad, in the kickoff meeting –


The Magazine is the first platform, it is magazine style, with many different categories full of original and well crafted articles.

In French and English, describes every and each corner within Tunisia, you can learn how to spend an awesome day in Sidi Bo Said, where to go, what to eat …

You can read more about Tunisian Harrisa, how they cook Couscous, where the tunisian tasty Oil olive comes from and how they produce the organic honey in Beja

“Well, let us see what
Tunisian & Egyptian can do

meeting –

1001Wayn – Tour Guide

Introducing Tunisia in an Egyptian/Tunisian Style

Phase 1 (The Small Circle)

Connecting Tunisia (Touristic, Commercial and Cultural) to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

By improving touristic, commercial and cultural relationships between Tunisia and Egypt “as the big gate to the Middle East region”

Introducing the Tunisian touristic/commercial/cultural atmosphere in an “Egyptian/Tunisian” style to spread it to the MENA region in a new mixed and eye catching format

Team Members

Tamer sharkas

Meddeb Ahlem

Manay Ala Eddine

Gharsellaoui Sabrine

Abed Maher

Dahmen Abir